I spent much of my life on the East coast, growing up in central New Jersey. I lived on the Shark River always exploring, always seeing what others sometimes did not. I vacationed to Long Beach Island and all the way up to Maine with some trips to Pennsylvania thrown in. Hunting trips with my father and brothers always electrified me into seeing nature and being one with it. Always seeing, always looking. Over the past decade I have moved a few times-- Colorado, Washington State and back in New Jersey for now. My career has allowed me over the past 17 years to continue to freelance and experience a great many things. I will always continue to look and see.

I have spent many early mornings, and adventurous vacations, to acquire the photographs within this site. I have also dedicated many years to my work and I hope to dedicate many more. Many of the photographs you will see within have come from across the nation and world including Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone National Park and many more right in my backyard. The photos will hopefully entice your imagination and your heart. Please enjoy!

Questions? Please email me through the site on my contact page or on my fan page on Facebook: Peter M. Magee Photography. Thank you and again please feel free to enjoy what is within the site.

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